Directions and Parking

PPL Center
701 Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA 18101


Parking Advisory Affecting Downtown Allentown Garages

Please be aware that the Allentown Parking Authority is now enforcing a new policy in Allentown parking garages. All vehicles must pull forward into a spot, vehicles are no longer allowed to back into a spot and will now receive a fine from the Allentown Parking Authority for doing so.  Please see below for a full list of the Parking Decks this affects.  

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.  Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Allentown Parking Authority at 610-841-9090. 

The Arena Deck, located at 712 W. Linden does NOT require pull in parking (backing into a spot is allowed). 

The following parking garages require pull in parking (no backing into a spot permitted):

  • Allentown Transportation Deck (N. 6th & Linden)
  • Community Deck (13 South 6th St)
  • Government Deck (4th & Hamilton)
  • The Spiral Deck (800 Block of W. Linden)
  • 9th & Walnut Deck (9th & Walnut)
  • Strata Deck (39 North 6th St)


Click here to pre-purchase event parking in Downtown Allentown.

Public Transportation

Getting to and from PPL Center by LANtaBus

For all of PPL Center’s events, in addition to nearby amenities, LANtaBus has a bus route that can take you to and from there!

The PPL Center is less than a 5-minute walk to the Allentown Transit Center (located at 6th & Linden) and has access to the following LANtaBus routes:

Route 102 
Route 103
Route 104
Route 107
Route 209
Route 210
Route 211
Route 213
Route 218
Route 220
Route 322
Route 323
Route 324

LANta has also teamed up with the Allentown Parking Authority (APA) to make parking for PPL Center events as convenient as possible.  LANta-operated parking shuttles will access the PPL Center during event nights.

For more info on PPL Center Event Night Services:

By Car

FROM PHILADELPHIA AND POINTS SOUTH: Take I-476 N to Exit 56 Lehigh Valley. Take U.S. 22 E to Exit for PA-145/Macarthur Road/7th Street.  Turn right onto PA-145/Macarthur Road.  PA-145/Macarthur Road becomes 7th Street.  Follow signs for event parking.

FROM NEW YORK CITY AND POINTS NORTH:  Take US-19 S/US-1 & 9 S. Take I-78 W. Merge onto PA-33 N via Exit 71 toward US-22 Stroudsburg. Take U.S. 22 W to Exit for PA 145 S/ MacArthur Road/ 7th Street. MacArthur Road becomes 7th Street. Follow signs for event parking.

FROM READING AND POINTS WEST:  Take US 222N toward Allentown.  Continue on US 222N which becomes Hamilton Boulevard.  Hamilton Boulevard becomes West Hamilton Street.  Follow signs for event parking.

FROM PHILLIPSBURG AND POINTS EAST:  Take US-22 W (Portions toll) (Crossing into Pennsylvania) to Exit for Exit for PA 145 S/ MacArthur Road/ 7th Street. MacArthur Road becomes 7th Street. Follow signs for event parking.